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Deeply Devoted: A Lovership

The Tantra Queen Method™️ 


Each year, I work with only a select few couples. This work is deeply sacred, intimate and raw.  

Couples are accepted through application. This pre-work provides clarity and an initiation for the experience the couple is on the brink of. Truly an opportunity to begin the work and truly taste what my container will feel like. 


 If you're in a couple interested in…


  • Creating more fire, by having a trained facilitator create unique intimacy building dates for you on your time so you can feel successful in devoting to your partnership


  • Healing old wounds by having a safe space to address the painful pieces of your past that are still showing up in your present and having small digestible steps you can take to shift that shit for real and feel empowered in your partnership 

  • Dissolve complications that keep showing up by understanding you and your partner’s patterns and having clear actionable steps on removing that cycle from repeating and choosing new ways to show up, react and stay present


  • Choosing passion and pleasure more often because when you create the space through eliminating old wounds, removing core emotional blocks, you are an open portal for introducing more harmonious, pleasure filled moments in your relationship. 


 ...and you and your partner feel ready to truly ignite a LOVERSHIP, something you feel none of your peers truly has, you want something different, something MORE, something magnetic and out of this world. 

…and you’re ready to commit the time and energy something this unique and special requires.

…and you know deeply you want to DEVOTE to the unionship you’re creating through heart connected and soul centered intimacy. 

This container is for you. 


What's a couple's container?

This 6-month safe and confidential container will be about gathering information without judgements to understand exactly what your needs, wants and desires look like, and how we can move each of you toward them.


These teachings will be tantra based, meaning, you will be taught to merge your sexuality with your spirituality and also, how to understand your inner personal truths to obtain a higher version of self love, understanding and acceptance not only for yourself, and for your partner.

My MFR (Myofascial release) background, pelvic health expertise and breathwork practices are also introduced throughout the work to help you increase your physical and energetic vitality. The combination of mind + body + soul intertwined with your sacred sensuality is what offers a new unique edge to couplehood. 

This process supports each of you to rediscover one another with new perspectives and new insights. 

All while finding playfulness around intimacy in approachable custom designed dates for you and your partner. 

Clients often come back with feedback like, 

‘I had the best sex of my life last night’

‘We f+cked AFTER dinner! That never happens! Usually we’re so tired we pass out but nope, not anymore!’

‘I love giving my partner oral! I used to feel shame around this but now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE pleasing my partner in this way!’


Having this thought out, bespoke container will provide you the nurturing and nourishing space to unleash your most erotic self while also feeling empowered to be witnessed by your partner. 

This container was created with 1:1 sessions AND 2:1 sessions to support each individual on a SOUL LEVEL, while also supporting the partnership. This allows everyone to feel so well taken care of and gives the couple a fresh new lens as they meet back up in their partnership. 




How does this breakdown monthly?


  • 2 - 75 minute personalized zoom sessions with customized homework per month (one per person). Total of 12 sessions // 6 per each person

  • 2 - 75 minute couple’s zoom session with identical shared homework to support understanding one another and continuing the journey together. Total of 12 sessions.

  • Monthly Intimacy Date provided by The Tantra Queen: Tantra inspired intimacy activation developed for organically enhancing partnership. Dates are completed by the couple on their own. Total of 6 dates.

  • Sacred Relationship Building: new foundational tips and tools to make the most of your relationship.

  • Unlimited Access to Andreja through messaging and video sharing (marco polo) throughout the container.

  • Total Sessions: 24

  • Total Customized Intimacy Dates: 6

What does this look like every month?

Week One:  One 75 min session for the lovership

Week Two:  Two sessions, one per person for 75 mins 

Week Three:  One 75 min session for the lovership

Week Four:  Customized Date designed by Dreja for the couple to be completed in their own time

What else is included?

  • Unlimited Marco polo support. This is a video sharing app and is one of our most powerful tools. With this app, clients are able to be fully witnessed in real time. A LOT of progress happens in this container. I respond to all MPs within 24 hours M-F. 

How much time will this need per week?

All containers are personalized to meet the needs of the clients. Monthly in this program, there are 3 scheduled calls a month (each person will have their 1:1 and then the couples session) and one intimacy date a month. What is 'required' beyond that will be up to each individual couple. 

Example of what this work has looked like for others:

Month One: Foundational Inventory (where are we right now? where do we want to get to?)

Month Two: Understanding Your Own Desires & Needs (what's prevented this in the past? How can we shfit that for the future?)

Month Three: Communication & Boundaries

Month Four: Releasing Shame & Igniting Pleasure (foundational body tools, body + breath building tools)

Month Five: Getting Out of Your ‘O’wn Way (finding ways toward your own pleasure and your partners)

Month Six: Massive Metamorphosis (full orgasmic and communicative capacity)

How much will this cost?

Your investment for this work is $7500/month for six months. 

Book a complimentary consultation to get to know me, ask all of your burning questions about my work, and explore how I will support your LOVERSHIP.

This space is completely confidential and 100% safe space to discuss your needs.

Your Investment for this work

$7,500/month for 6 months


PIF $42,500 (savings $2500)

Want a taste of working with Andreja as a couple?

Try out the 10 Safe + Sexy Dates to get started!

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