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to Solstice


A pre-recorded 21-day journey to bring you a slow and sensual drip of microdosing PLEASURE

As the nights stretch longer and the days become shorter; there is more time to turn inward and get to know yourself


Take a journey to explore your sacred  




  • Learn how to be super present with yourself so you and your body can feel safe, secure and self assured

  • Strengthen your self compassion through immersion of breath, rest, and erotic play

  • SLOW WAY DOWN to engage & discover what your needs truly are and how to meet them

  • Learn how to have fun with your own beautiful, unique body in ways you've never been taught

  • Become shameless in your sexuality by experimenting with the primal self 

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  • Feel powerful by self-playing WITHOUT a destination, goal or climax pushing you to get somewhere

  • Feel joy, bliss, and peace by tuning into the medicinal potency of your own body. The medicine is within you.

  • Surrender to the potential of                       pleasure



  • ➔ How long is the program?
    This is a pre-recorded course to bring you along a 21-day journey.
  • ➔ Can you break down what the program will look like?
    There will be 10 prerecorded modules filled with tantra-inspired tools to be spaced out over 3 weeks.
  • ➔ What tools will I need to purchase?
    This is flexible, but I will have a recommendation tool list that I provide once you are in the container. Tools can range from under $100 for everything or as luxurious and bougie as you want ;)
  • ➔ What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?
    There are no refunds because I believe in this program 1,000% But I will always give you my best and show up for you, hold you with my deepest abilities and figure out a way for you to feel well taken care of.
  • ➔ Who do you typical work with?
    My work is for all Queens that are interested in doing deep personal investigation and massive transformational experiences. For the Queens who are ready to fully show up for themselves. Who desire a supportive container and know this is the path for them.
  • ➔ Is your work inclusive and safe for BIWOC and trans women?
    Absolutely. I am a white cis fluid / queer woman, and my lens and perspectives are limited to those experiences through my own eyes and body. I am doing the work to be more inclusive and the work around anti racism diversity, quality and how I have blind spots. I know I might fuck it up. I know I might get things wrong, but I'm always willing to receive feedback and I'm completely devoted to honoring my mistakes and learning through them so that I can be an even better facilitator, as I move through my own human experience. I will do my best to allow a safe container, and always stay open to receiving feedback.
  • ➔ Can you guarantee specific results?
    No, I do not guarantee results. I do, however, offer you a safe, amazing container where you can come and explode, explore, and fully navigate your healing journey in a way that feels authentic and unique to you. I will do my best to support you in that process, challenge you, love you, and guide you. I do not offer guaranteed results because it is the individual's responsibility to do the work for themselves for this internal and external healing journey.


  • Enjoy this pre-recorded 21-day journey through empowerment, pleasure, and peace.



to Solstice



A slow and sensual drip of microdosing                       




For years, I spent time reflecting on the meaning of my sensual and sexual self and how it directly related to my confidence, my worthiness and myself within a relationship. 

​I’ve witnessed myself and others exploiting their sexuality in search of ways to feel better.

In my early 20s, I found myself in sexual bliss one moment, only to be followed by intense feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness and a  lack of control. The last 15 years have been a journey of stepping fully into my sexual power, integrating it with my spirituality, and creating a life that's TURNED the FUCK ON.

I discovered tantra in 2015 and my whole life changed. I had finally found a modality that helped me understand how to integrate my deep self love, sensuality, sexuality and intimacy. I completed Layla Martin's 650 hour VITA certification and I've been helping, healing and serving ever since. I've devoted my life to liberating souls to feel completely authentic, connected to their sexual infinite capacities and unshakeable confidence. You are worthy of your deepest desires and I'm here to support you and hold you through discovering that for yourself.

Much love,



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