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The Tantra Queen Method™️ - 1:1 Personalized Private Coaching

Take control of your pleasure so that “fucking up” is less about bad life choices and more about experiencing orgasmic bliss in and outside of the bedroom.

You’ve got all this repressed sexual energy you want to explore, but you’re worried what it might mean to actually liberate that part of you. Society's idea of the sexually liberated person might even feel gross to you, or you feel a little worried about becoming one of those people.


You know, the people who masterbate in front of mirrors all day, sleep with their crystal sex toys, prance around their bedroom wearing furry butt plugs, show up to family dinners with nipple clamps (and two boyfriends), and actually know what bukkake means - and not because they had to google it during a game of Cards Against Humanity.


Or….you’re worried that you already ARE one of those people and what it might cost you to let that part of you not just come out to play - but to stay.


I used to believe that if my sexually liberated self wasn’t a rendition of Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”, where I was the bad type, who makes mamas sad type, who makes your girlfriend mad type, while maybe seducing your dad type? I wasn’t doing it right.


It came as a surprise to me when it ended up saving me at my lowest point in life, after getting my second DUI, spending all of my savings on lawyers and looking at possible jail time.


Turns out: Truly living as your sexually liberated self is less about being the temptress in tight dresses, putting out, and constantly being on the prowl for someone new to fuck, and more about cementing who you are, loving all the pieces of who you are, and actually participating in your life in a way that feels full of integrity and self assurance.


It’s never going to be what you think.

Work with me and cut your lube costs in half

I used to think of myself as a dryyyy woman. I had to rely on a lot of lube to feel comfortable during sex and simply accepted that WAP was something I sang along with, not something I had.


It wasn't until I began the foundational work of healing my trauma and finding safety within my body that I realized I was everything but a dry woman.


Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE lube. Lube is awesome. I will always be a huge fan of lube.


What I’m not a fan of?


Not having the tools or information you need to understand what pleasures and sexual experiences are actually possible for you, or how to create boundaries you can trust so that you allow the right people to join you in your sexual explorations. 


When you don’t have access to those, it’s so easy to buy into the story that it’s normal when your (sex) life and relationships feel like the equivalent of the yawn emoji. Or worse, the shit emoji.


So many of us accept that “meh” is as good as it gets and it’s normal for sex to repeat the same mechanical formula of “this little bit of foreplay + this basic position (+ socks) = peak orgasm (if you’re lucky)”.


Funnily enough, when your sex works this way, your life very likely does too… a little bit of working for a company you hate + coming home to a relationship you’re not even sure you want to be in anymore = a life that feels...lackluster.


You’re only receiving a fraction of the pleasure you deserve and that is actually possible for you.


It might feel hard to believe right now, but your pleasure potential is infinite.


And you have a choice: You can learn the tools and practices that will help you explore and expand this pleasure potential, or you can be completely offline with your body and sexual energy and wonder why your life isn’t working.


And there’s not enough lube in the world to fix that kind of dryness.

When you’re a sexual person there can be a lot of shame and disgust around your sexual expression. It’s an integral part of who you are, and yet, it’s this elusive energy you can’t quite figure out.

There’s something pulling you there that is really loud (and really scary), but you spend most of your time and energy trying to silence it.

And by doing that - you’ve silenced everything else as well.

It’s only natural that this happens, because there is so much negativity surrounding sexuality. It makes it hard for us to reach out for support, or to actually learn how our sexual energy works.

You end up tampering your desires and yearnings, because what you are ok with and what your community or society are ok with are two very different things. A sex negative environment or trauma can leave you feeling lost and insecure around your own sexuality.

It’s possible that you are a lot more sexual and sensual than you think and you just haven’t had the right experience or support to help you explore that part of you.

I’m only on the brink of what is possible and it's already so much more than what I ever believed could be real for me - and I want the same for you.

I’m here to tell you that you deserve more and I want to share with you how to obtain and cultivate it for yourself.

Experience The Tantra Queen Method™️ - 1:1 Personalized Private Coaching

  • A coaching experience as unique as you are: Receive a 24-week program designed to meet you exactly where you are and take you beyond what you think is possible.

  • The #1 thing that most people don’t have: Working with me gives you the opportunity to share your current sexual desires and challenges in a shame-free environment.

  • The exact tools that turned my life from this [shit emoji] to this [party emoji]: I used to believe that “shoulder shrug” was the best I could get, but when I found tantra, it was the missing piece that changed everything for me. I had always been a sexual person but didn’t know what to do with my sexual energy. Now I use it to live a life that excites me and I’ll show you how to do the same.

  • Know your body the way you know your ex’s FB account: I’ll show you how to use those excellent stalking skills on yourself and find safety in your body so you can access and give more pleasure (and finally experience those orgasmic states you’ve been hearing so much about).

  • Hoe-mwork that will blow your mind. Learn the mindset shifts AND the strategy you need to help you embody your sexual energy in a way that feels sustainable and lasting.

  • Unlock years of stored bullshit in less than 6 months: Your body stores information about what you’re experiencing in your life and if you don’t know what to do with that information it can become dense material that literally weighs you down and prevents you from connecting with yourself. You’ll get stuck in a baseline of shittyness that affects every area of your life.

  • Master the art of dirty talk: Learn to vocalize your desires and your boundaries (and explore what those even are), so that you get what you want - inside and outside of the bedroom.

Working with me has caused clients to leave toxic relationships, quit jobs that sucked, actually go after the things they want, say no to things they hate, end self-sabotaging and people-pleasing behaviour, and call in the kind of money and love they never thought possible.


Because sex is never just about sex. Sex is always about everything.


Learning how to harness and channel your sexual energy will be the spark that sets your entire life aflame.


With the Tantra Queen Method we will get to the root of your problems and desires and specifically correct your path so you can feel connected and turned on again - in your body and in your life.

A Breakdown of the The Tantra Queen Method™️ - 1:1 Personalized Private Coaching

  • 3  sessions of 75mins/ month over 6 months with tantric inspired  workshops and personalized homework.

  • 18 sessions total.

  • Holistic Inventory of YOU: we will take a look at your mental, emotional, physical, environmental and social health and personalize your plan to support these areas of your life.

  • Hoe-mework: Individually developed assignments for you to complete on your own.

  • Elixir of Life: your high vibe blend of sexuality, sensuality and spirituality.

  • Mindset Bootcamp : learn to manage your thoughts and have them work for you not against you.

  • Foundational Breathwork and Self Pleasure Practices (at your fingertips).

  • Unlimited Access to Andreja through messaging (marco polo) and email support throughout the container.

Example of what this work might look like for you:

Foundational Inventory: Month One

Inner Child / Caretaker Healing: Month Two

Activating your Pleasure: Month Three

Healing Heartbreak: Month Four

Releasing Shame: Month Five

Manifesting your Big Ask: Month Six

You could do what most people do and simply stay stuck with a life and sex that is - at best - subpar.


I used to be so fed up and frustrated with how shitty my life felt and how lost and miserable I was every day. I was depressed. I felt like I wasn't alive, but worst of all?


I felt like I wasn’t worth the effort and energy of figuring out what I needed. It was only when I hit my dumpster fire moment - where feeling lost and directionless, working a miserable job, repeatedly getting myself into unsafe situations, partying as a way of escaping how bad I felt, and abusing substances all came together - that I finally snapped out of it.


While this strategy worked for me, I wouldn’t recommend waiting for your own dumpster fire moment.


If you are reading this, you get to decide:


  1. You can stop here, close this tab and put your personal happiness and pleasure back to the bottom of the list of things you “someday want to do for yourself”, or

  2. You can double down on yourself in a meaningful and intentional way.


I know that being here and facing that choice is scary. It’s looking at all that you want but feel you can’t have. It makes sense you would feel that way, especially if you are used to leaving yourself for very last - hoping that being overextended and underappreciated will one day pay off.


But it doesn't work that way.


The hardest commitment is the one to ourselves and that's why we tend to leave it last.


But the thing you get when you start doing and giving to yourself? Everything you ever wanted.

Even if you decide not to go forward with me, you can decide to take this call and explore that edge for yourself.

Don't be the first to leave yourself for last.

I know this step comes with a lot of charge: It might feel fucking scary, or unbelievably exilerating. Either way, I know this is a big step! 

Book a discovery call and let me listen to you in a way that nobody ever has. Let me hold the non-judgemental space in which you get to verbalize and marinate in your desires and share your challenges.

When you take this call with me, there will be no pressure on you to commit to anything. It’s just a space for me to be there for you and give you all the information you need to make a decision for yourself.

Whatever happens next? Is up to you.


Your Investment:

Monthly $4,400 x 6 months

PIF $25,000 (savings of $1,400)

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