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Is there a burning DESIRE...


To let go of self doubt, self judgement, self dislike...


To no longer feel lost, uncertain, disconnected...

To unlock that part inside that is insanely dynamic, powerful and full of romantic potency and money magnificence?

To truly feel trust in fully accepting and loving of one's authentic self.

When feelings of unworthiness ever arise, (like thinking the dream job, the perfect partner, financial overflow, or the big dreams themselves are beyond reach) a knowingness of how to navigate them will emerge...

To learn how to cultivate massive euphoria inside of the body bring excitement.


To look in the mirror and smile with such deep satisfaction because you are in love with what reflects back. 


To be safely held in sisterhood, letting all those painful memories melt away into something delicious to experience.

To let the heart express its desires shamelessly, and no longer let the disbelief of its attainability cloud the mind.



To feel whole again, devoid of any sense of brokenness.

Queen, broken is bull.

Get Drip

A force to be reckoned with - stunning, extraordinary, a true blessing. Nothing less than exquisite, surrounded by excellence - the most worthy of an experience.

I see powerful, beautiful, epic and a universal gift.

I see DRIP.

Deserving only the best, with the best, by the best.

Deserving to feel worthy AF.

Deserving this 5 Month Experience: QUEEN’S DRIP.

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This five-month massive transformational experience is an investigation of the self. A rebirth and an opportunity to grow in a loving and nourishing way. A time to break toxic cycles, no longer accepting the breadcrumbs allowed in life. It's time to reclaim the life truly worthy of.

We want to FEEL:




Unearthing ecstatic sensations, building massive safety in the body, and discovering the unlimited capacity of the infinite heart is all part of Queen's Drip. We establish and build how to secure that money bag to witness what a mindset financial overflow can do for a bank account.

Drip in safety, security and stability. Experiencing expansive fulfillment throughout the body and unlocking your cosmic soul.  


To touch, feel, and speak kindly to one's own vessel. To hold deep boundaries and fiercely protect them. To feel so deeply connected to earth + surrounding elements that anything feels possible.


All this in the presence of one another. An aligned powerful coven, of equally ready to quit toxic cycles,  demand more for themselves and more for their life. To drip in their most intimate  essence, feeling deep satisfaction and more whole than ever.

Fulfilled. Peaceful. Complete.

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Welcome To |                         

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This program is the sweet nectar we 



Together we will shed, release, and let go of all the things that hold us back, push us down and keep us small.

As banded Queens we will heal each other as we hold one another. In a safe, supported and sacred place to expand our heavenly capacities. 


This program is designed to build month by month in a very intentional manner, nurturing the nervous system and unveiling the intimate self connection available in this unique sequence.


Nothing will be the same in 5 months time.

QUEEN, (aka literal magick) if this feels like a YES - that's because it IS. 

Brain, Body, Breath,
Bliss + Bank :

A deep self-exploration of pleasure, power, potency and purpose
with monthly moon ceremonial experiences.

The flow of this program was created to provide plenty of juicy space for slowness, rest and integration. Oftentimes, as we grow, stretch and evolve there's little time to integrate and it catches up with us later. Hello autoimmune, exhaustion and burnout!


This program was specifically developed with a regulated nervous system in mind. A paradigm of your body being your unique medicine. 

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  • Desiring an unshakeable bond with body, boundaries, and prioritization in bliss sounds like the elixir of life.

  • Being DONE with the games, toxic patterns, and awful relationships is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Yearning to feel incredible every single day, whether in sweatpants or not, knowing "I'm absolutely stunning."

  • Longing to trust myself and stop denying myself all the things every fiber of my being deeply craves.

Come get drippy to cultivate and receive this within yourself.

Still have questions?

Let's chat ✨




$222 x 8

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*8 month payment plans are a bit extra to support the costs of team

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A word from a Drippy Queen...

"[Through Queen's Drip] I ended my relationship for almost a year and then rekindled it in a new and better form. I processed a shit ton of trauma because Queen’s drip gave me the tools to be safe enough in my body to process. Wow, I didn’t even think about the financial transformation until now, but Queen’s drip helped me achieve an abundance mindset and since then money has come to me much easier. 

If you need to get back in touch with yourself, this is a deep, sexy container to help you heal some of your wounded parts."

A word from a Drippy Queen...

"Omg, QD changed my life completely!! I can make myself come! Before I started I had low libido and could not connect with a partner. Through the work and the support. I have learned to listen to my P and finally am able to experience different Os and squirting… by myself. The BEST part is I no longer use motorized toys but I only use glass toys. I feel connected to P and cherish her so much more.

In the program, I felt a sisterhood with other women who were on similar journeys to connect with their sexuality and their womanhood."

I cover everything from external to internal well being.


Providing the tools, tips, and techniques on how to become more of the aligned authentic self.


Becoming IS the Assignment.


Queen's Drip is the portal to take you there.

Don't keep wishing....Achieve what's Desired!

You get to have it all.


I'm going to show you how you can:

  • Discover safety in your body, even when it comes to your bank account. 

  • Hold, support and embrace your body.  

  • Give yourself so much love, attention and adoration.

  • Learn what your needs are and meet them. 

  • Investigate and cement true self love.

  • Celebrate and worship yourself.

  • Become the queen of your own signature destiny

  • Find and figure out, Who am I?


Does that sound good?!

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This program uplevels, reveals and breaks through all the pieces that prevent movement toward your desired destiny. In my past, I identified certain brain frequencies and disengaged body pieces that lead me to believe I wasn't good enough. But through the method I'm sharing in Queen's Drip - where we dive into deep brain + embodiment work - rewiring those thoughts was possible, so I could finally know I'm worthy of literally everything.

All the drip, Queen.

the mindset + embodiment breakdown...


Drawing from my neuroscience background, uncover the secrets to overcoming limiting thoughts + beliefs while harnessing empowering ideas for your positive outlook and overall fulfillment.


We’ll get familiar with the relationship to our bodies, coming to understand where attention is needed. Through the nervous system, lymphatic and soul work, you’ll ditch the struggles and cultivate a healthy body love.


Next we’ll dive into breath as the communication portal between your body, mind and sacred intimacy. It is the nervous system’s regulator and your best ally for self-evolution, massive exploration and extended satisfaction.


Learn about your body, your O and all about your energetic field and playful portal. You’ll merge your sacred wellbeing with your spirituality so you can deeply embody your own identity. Discover BLISS as your birthright.


Learn how your unique lineage has contributed to your money identity, information and knowledge. Using the technical tools I’ve gathered, you’ll create more money, intentional abundance and financial overflow. It feels super good to be well taken care, secure and stable. Our creative inner portal likes this and needs this.

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What if investing brought forth greater

flow, electric energy, and abundance into life?

  • Engaging in self-development investments remains beneficial throughout life, aiding in the establishment of personal worthiness.

  • Self-investing nurtures and sustains enriching relationships, be they intimate, familial, professional, or personal, relationships that provide fulfillment.

  • Self-exploration ignites the internal drive to establish and reinforce boundaries, safeguarding and directing personal growth.

Money is the energy exchange for an upgraded version of LIVING.

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➔ Is your work inclusive and safe for BIWOC and trans women?

Absolutely. I am Montana woman who's mostly straight and sometimes queer, and my lens and perspective, are limited to those experiences through my own eyes. I am doing the work to be more inclusive and the work around anti-racism diversity, equity and how I have blind spots. I know I might fuck it up. I know I might get things wrong, but I'm always willing to receive feedback and I'm completely devoted to honoring my mistakes and learning through them so that I can be even better facilitator, as I move through my own human experience. I will do my best to allow a safe container, and always stay open to receiving feedback.

➔ Can you guarantee specific results?

No, I do not guarantee results. I do however, offer you a safe, amazing container where you can come and explode, explore, and fully navigate your healing journey in a way that feels authentic and unique to you. I will do my best to support you in that process, challenge you, love you, and guide you. I do not offer guaranteed results because it is that individuals responsibility to do the work for themselves for this internal and external healing journey.

➔ How long is the program?

​The program is five months with a flow of 2 live sessions per month (a coaching call with Dreja, and one New Moon Ceremony), and two pre-recorded/guided sessions (Q&A and a self care date). 

➔ Are there scholarships available?

There are 3 scholarships available. Two for Montana residents and one for BIPOC or LGBTQ. Email us at if this feels right for you.

➔ What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds because I believe in this program 1,000%.  I will always give my best, show up hard and extremely intentional, with my deepest abilities and figure out a way for each person to feel well taken care of. 

➔ Do you only work with coaches?

No, my work is for all humans that are interested in doing deep personal massive transformational experiences. For people who are ready to fully show up for themselves and need the supportive group container to fully step into the most authentic version of who they'd like to become. 



For decades I spent time reflecting on the meaning of my sensual health and self, how it directly relates to my confidence and my worthiness, and how it impacts  my relationships. 

I’ve witnessed myself and others exploit themselves in search of ways to feel better.


I've experienced the rollercoaster of  bliss one moment, followed by intense feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness and a lack of control after.

I am committed to investigating and cementing true self love.

5M3A1761 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

In 2015 I discovered the esoteric practices of some Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain sects and my whole life changed. I had finally found a modality that helped me understand how to integrate my deep self love, inner fulfillment and intimacy. I completed Layla Martin's 650 hour VITA certification in 2017 and I've been helping, healing and serving ever since. I've devoted my life to liberating souls to feel completely authentic, connected to their infinite capacities and unshakeable confidence. 


Much love,


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