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Magic Micro Medicine

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Manage depression, anxiety and re-regulate your nervous system

Prevent or recover from burnout

Create more creativity in your life

Bring in a new habit or hobby that supports your overall holistic lifestyle

Understand and explore plant medicine but feel nervous and you're unsure where or how to start

... Say Hell YES to Magic Micro Medicine

Magic Micro Medicine will help you receive the most benefits possible with safe and secure guidance. By the end of the six weeks, you will have the knowledge and understanding of how to work with this plant medicine specifically. 


I truly believe in the power and the technology behind psilocybin. The possibilities and potential of this beautiful, sacred plant are incredible.


If you really want to tap into the magic, learn what feels good for you and your body in this dynamic, while being held, supported, and coached through the entire process … Magic Micro Medicine is the six week container for you.

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I know that it can be scary and questionable to work with plants. I know that you may have heard about people having “bad trips.” 

However, I truly believe that doing a tiny dose of plant medicine on a schedule provides the best possible outcomes for each and every individual. 

I myself have been working with plant medicine for over 17 years. I have been working with the medicine longer than I have not. 

It is something that has given me ample support in health recovery and depression. It has helped me manage my anxiety and has sprung me into new phases of my life that needed renewal and rejuvenation. I also worked with this medicine to recover from severe burnout and manage massive inflammation. 

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Here's What You Can Expect

During this process, you will receive an intake form so you can set intentions and Andreja can help you develop a personalized protocol.  1:1 DMs will be available to you through this process on Telegram if you need extra support.

Following this, we will have  6 weeks of work together. 5 live group calls and 1 self guided integration week with audio transmissions to support you from Andreja.

You will have unlimited access to me via Telegram to ask questions and get support at any time. This will be our community for the duration of the container.

Our final call will be a closing ceremony. A new chapter will begin and you will be invited to integrate all that the medicine has taught you. Support will be sent to you via email following the container to integrate and have a lasting impact. If needed, additional 1:1s may be provided.

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If you want to explore and experience the power and genius behind the technology, this container is an opportunity for you to do it in a very gentle and approachable way. 


If you want to open your mind, see things differently, and create new, fresh neuro pathways, Magic Micro Medicine is for you!

Magic Micro Medicine

A six week expansive container of learning how you and plant medicine can co-create to expand on your deep desires and alleviate yourself from the typical drudge and mundane of life.

Coming March 2024

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3 X $333

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This program runs multiple times a year. Future cohort dates include:

March 2024

November 2024

If you'd like to have an extended payment plan for a future cohort, please contact our team at and we'll be happy to set one up for you.

This 6-week process is for you if you are …

  • Interested in learning to work with the medicine in a conscious + intentional way

  • Looking to shift the navigation of your life whether it's to capitalize on 2023 or release, renew and rejuvenate energy within you

  • Interested in changing your perspective over the next seven weeks while learning how to feel supported with plant medicine

  • Ready to explore what it's like working with me in a more intimate way

Check in with me personally if you are…

  • On a lot of medications

  • Experiencing severe mental complications

  • In need of medical assistance

I highly suggest you reach out to your primary care physician and work intimately with them to find the best health care for you.


➔ How long is the program?

​The program is six weeks and there will be a maximum of 20 people in the container.

➔ When will the calls take place?

Call times will be updated here closer to enrollment.

Access to Telegram will be available immediately upon registration.

➔ Are there scholarships available?

There are 3 scholarships available. Two for Montana residents and one for BIPOC or LGBTQ. 

➔ What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds because I believe in this program 1,000% But I will always give you my best and show up for you, hold you with my deepest abilities and figure out a way for you to feel well taken care of. 

➔ Do you only work with coaches?

No, my work is for all humans that are interested in doing deep personal massive transformational experiences, and are ready to fully show up for themselves and need the supportive container to fully step into the most authentic version of who they'd like to become. 

➔ Do you provide the medicine for those outside of the US?

For those outside the US, the container will be the same price, and you will source your medicine. I will do my best to support you in sourcing what you need.

➔ When is enrolment open until?

➔ Can you guarantee specific results?

Enrolment for the program closes firmly two weeks before the program start (exact dates tbd). This is to allow us time to send all onboarding materials to participants.

No, I do not guarantee results. I do however, offer you a safe, amazing container where you can come and explode, explore, and fully navigate your healing journey in a way that feels authentic and unique to you. I will do my best to support you in that process, challenge you, love you, and guide you. I do not offer guaranteed results because it is that individuals responsibility to do the work for themselves for this internal and external healing journey.

For years, cultivating a heart centered, authentic lifestyle has been my personal prerogative. I’ve explored many modalities to cultivate alignment through my heart, body, soul, brain, pussy and womb. Through my years of experience and multiple trainings, I’ve created The Tantra Queen Method™️.

Although a lot of my work stems in the foundations of tantric inspired living, the intersect is where spirit and sex merge, is my most favorite place to exist. 

Plant medicine is one of the ways I enhance my life, move through challenging structures and intentionally recreate my life by removing learned paradigms and replacing them with ones I choose today. 

I invite you to co-create with me in this group container if plant medicine and coaching is a place you desire to expand, grow, learn and evolve. 

​You are worthy of your deepest desires and I'm here to support you


and hold you through discovering that for yourself.

Much love,


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