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A sacred ceremonial space for us to feel like fully-fed and completely well-fucked Queens

For the Queen who craves MORE.

The most erotic deep, sacred place of worship and sanctity exists here. A space of the richest, juiciest, yummiest desires, that secrete from every orifice of you, your body, your blood, and your bones.

You’re a Queen who wants to be QUENCH’D. 


A Queen that has a deep sensation; a yearning and starvation for sisterhood that truly supports you. An internal quaking, for exploring your sensuality, for stepping more potently into your feminine, for learning self regulation tools and skills, for taking your health and wealth into your own hands.


You must know how to utilize the Goddess given gifts that you were born with.  


Quench’d is your home for rebirth. 


To learn that your turn-on is endless and filled with potential and possibility.

To learn who you are in the most intimate realms because you choose to get curious AF with yourself.


You're a Queen who wants, who needs, who demands…MORE


Who refuses to be shut down.

Who refuses to be contained.

Who refuses to be kept small. 


You are a Queen who knows you're just scraping the top of the surface. You desire to become proficient in crystal and glass tools like wands and eggs. You know there’s hype around all these holistic traditions and you want to know the HOW. You want to feel your pleasure in your own hands. You want to be your own power behind PUSSY.


You feel many stones left unturned in your sexuality and you want a safe-led container where you feel yourself surrendering to the process. Surrendering more into your feminine. Surrendering more into your most alchemized, potent self.


To be held, supported, and guided back to yourself.  To learning your erotic edges, an epic place of pleasure, of devouring yourself, of worshiping yourself. You get to lose your mind by entering your own pleasure dome, in the safest, most regulated way; Again and again.

Quench’d Is ...

The safe space you come and unravel, release, regulate and return. Deaths and rebirths, weekly for quantum created evolutions of self. 


Over this 21day experience we will have celebratory self pleasure tools and practices to create and expand endless infinite possibilities.


The space where you will connect so deeply, not only with yourself, but with other women who also want this deep, fulfilling work that feeds the soul, nourishes pussy, welcomes the womb energy, and provides fertility in all areas of your life.

You get to feel insanely supported, deeply held, connected, & completely provided for.

You get to feel emotionally & sensually fed and well fucked.


In Quench’d the activations that a group space of highly potent Queens can create is unquantifiable. Endless opportunity to self care to levels beyond the mind can comprehend. This level of quality internal investigation pays you back 1000 fold. 



You are here for a reason. 

You know on a deep soul level when you are being called. 


This space is safe for you to bring the things that feel too painful to take anywhere — to bring the things that feel shameful. The things that prevent you from taking up space and living the BIG life you know you fucking want.


You will be able to activate pieces and parts of you that have been dormant for days, weeks, months, years because of the sacred place that says ...


You are welcome here. Come home. Take off your shoes. Bring your shame, burdens, problems here to be held. It no longer serves you. You are safe here in Quench’d.  


I am here to hold you and guide you back to your most safe, sensual, regulated self.


During this time, we will take time to continually shed layers of ourselves that no longer fit and manifest and expand into every direction we desire to go.

In some practices, we will use the energy to release, let go, and remove.


In others, will amplify, activate and expand on the pieces and parts of ourselves we adore, while stretching and asking our brain, body and soul to think, feel and see even more possibilities for ourselves.


Seeing yourself as clay, you will slowly mold yourself into who you KNOW you are on the most sacred, sensual intimate levels and we connect you back to that. Your original essence, the most unique and fully YOU.

21-Day Experience Leading Up To The Solstice of Tantric Inspired Practices and Tools

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Whether it's manifesting money:
It’s safe to want more money

Or the partner of your dreams:
You’re allowed to desire incredible partnership

Or healing wounds that still stay gaping:
You’re welcome to come, lick and heal your wounds here. I want to hold you in all of it.

We will bring all of it to the light, and I will guide you through neuroscience and vagus nerve techniques to help you soothe, self regulate and return to a space that feels SAFE. 


Queen, You are not broken. You may be overwhelmed. Overworked. Disconnected. Tired. Resentful. In pain. Unprocessed. 


You are moldable — waiting to be played with, to be created, to be enjoyed, to be putty in your own hands. Allow pussy, heart and womb energy to lead you.


This is for you if …


 🍯 You want to understand, investigate, explore and get intimate as fuck with every crevice, nook, and cranny of your own body, Internally and externally.

🍯 You feel burnt out and want to reclaim your energy, identity and self through science-backed practices & vagus nerve healing 

🍯 You want to learn breast massage, Jade Egg, crystal wand, de armoring, and inner and external myofascial release work so that you can feel like your most fuckable self.

🍯 You want to learn how to fuck yourself better than anyone has ever fucked you before so you can be the most satisfied Queen in the Queendom and raise your standards higher than you ever thought imaginable.

This is especially for you if …

🍯 You’re ready to bring your shit to a safe and juicy container and no longer carry that weight on your own. You’re ready to feel held, supported and well taken care of. 

🍯 You don’t have a self pleasure practice, don’t feel in your turn on, and don’t feel connected to your own sacred sexuality.

🍯 You’re curious about exploring extended pleasure, pleasing yourself and your partner, learning how to cultivate magnetism through your pleasure practices and want the most nourishing life ever

Quench’d was designed for the Queen who ...


Demands more from every aspect of her life, but has struggled to get there alone, and wants to get to the top of the treetops, only to see that there's a whole forest ahead of wanting and yearning more. 


Quench’d was designed for the Queen who thought that her desires were too big — that she couldn't really have what she wanted, and even gave up on believing in the magic in and around her life. But is no longer willing to listen to that decrepit voice, and is now willing to invest time, attention, money, attitude, and mindset into believing that there is a new paradigm available for her.


For the Queen that feels worried, upset, angry or sad around the way that she received and provided pleasure for herself in the past.


Maybe she let her boundaries down and let partners in places that didn't feel good. 


Maybe said yes when she wanted to say no. Maybe she put herself in situations that were unsafe but she didn’t know or have the strength to get herself out. 


This work gives you unshakable & unbreakable boundaries that will not only protect you from future events that do not feel good, but will catapult you toward a quantum leap of receiving pleasure, receiving love, receiving adoration, receiving worship, receiving everything juicy, good, and golden in this life.

You're going to experience insane breakthroughs in every direction of your world. 


It may completely destroy areas of your life that you knew were not aligned and it will magnify pieces and parts of you that deserve to come to the front line and be seen so much more clearly.


You're going to learn how to understand your own turn-on, how to communicate with your body in ways that feel safe and nourishing, how to explore and expand and increase your own WAP.


What if investing money, time, your soul, your spirit, and your energy into yourself was literally the best investment of your life because the dividends are endless? 


When you put your investments into yourself, you provide a statement to you in the universe that …


I am worthy of this work.


I am deserving of my life, transforming and changing and moving toward my deepest desires and most sacred intentions. 


I am willing to self actualize toward a full flourishing queen that never settles for anything less than what she deserves. 


What if investing in yourself was the bet that once you place, your entire universe shifts?

  • ➔ How long is the program?
    This is a pre-recorded course to bring you along a 21-day journey.
  • ➔ Can you break down what the program will look like?
    There will be 10 prerecorded modules filled with tantra-inspired tools to be spaced out over 3 weeks.
  • ➔ What tools will I need to purchase?
    This is flexible, but I will have a recommendation tool list that I provide once you are in the container. Tools can range from under $100 for everything or as luxurious and bougie as you want ;)
  • ➔ What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?
    There are no refunds because I believe in this program 1,000% But I will always give you my best and show up for you, hold you with my deepest abilities and figure out a way for you to feel well taken care of.
  • ➔ Who do you typical work with?
    My work is for all Queens that are interested in doing deep personal investigation and massive transformational experiences. For the Queens who are ready to fully show up for themselves. Who desire a supportive container and know this is the path for them.
  • ➔ Is your work inclusive and safe for BIWOC and trans women?
    Absolutely. I am a white cis fluid / queer woman, and my lens and perspectives are limited to those experiences through my own eyes and body. I am doing the work to be more inclusive and the work around anti racism diversity, quality and how I have blind spots. I know I might fuck it up. I know I might get things wrong, but I'm always willing to receive feedback and I'm completely devoted to honoring my mistakes and learning through them so that I can be an even better facilitator, as I move through my own human experience. I will do my best to allow a safe container, and always stay open to receiving feedback.
  • ➔ Can you guarantee specific results?
    No, I do not guarantee results. I do, however, offer you a safe, amazing container where you can come and explode, explore, and fully navigate your healing journey in a way that feels authentic and unique to you. I will do my best to support you in that process, challenge you, love you, and guide you. I do not offer guaranteed results because it is the individual's responsibility to do the work for themselves for this internal and external healing journey.

I invite you to deeply investigate on a soul level if Quench’d feels like the fit for you. 


If Quench’d feels like a place of desired pleasure paradigm, where complete soul shifting ecstasy is available — in feeling good in dating, in feeling good in your platonic relationships. 


If having boundaries around your family, your partner, your co-workers, even strangers, feels alluring and seductive to you, I invite you to explore Quench’d.


About Andreja

For years, I spent time reflecting on the meaning of my sensual and sexual self and how it directly related to my confidence, my worthiness and myself within a relationship. 

​I’ve witnessed myself and others exploiting their sexuality in search of ways to feel better.

In my early 20s, I found myself in sexual bliss one moment, only to be followed by intense feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness and a  lack of control. The last 15 years have been a journey of stepping fully into my sexual power, integrating it with my spirituality, and creating a life that's TURNED the FUCK ON.

I discovered tantra in 2015 and my whole life changed. I had finally found a modality that helped me understand how to integrate my deep self love, sensuality, sexuality and intimacy. I completed Layla Martin's 650 hour VITA certification and I've been helping, healing and serving ever since. I've devoted my life to liberating souls to feel completely authentic, connected to their sexual infinite capacities and unshakeable confidence. You are worthy of your deepest desires and I'm here to support you and hold you through discovering that for yourself.

Much love,


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