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Hello Lovers!


It turns me on soooo much that you are IN to help me launch my sexy as fuck podcast!! 

The idea of PLEASURE CHURCH dropped into my brain and body as the most most orgasmic, full body, FUCK YES moment!! Having your support as The Tantra Queen expands means more than you'll ever know!!! This work is revolutionary, and exactly how we ditch the stigma and discomfort, and get more pleasure and MORE DRIP in everyone’s life. I know you want that just as much as me, and I love that we rise together!

P.S. Please make sure to bookmark this page - it has all the information about prizes, a link to the excel spreadsheet, swipe copy and links to some sexy graphics for you to use!

I am going to be pouring my heart, soul, and pussy into this as a free resource to serve as many people as I can.

So where do you come in?

I need your help getting the word out about Pleasure Church! As some of you might already know, Metaverse recently disabled my IG and now I am working to spread the word and these transmissions twice as hard. I am asking you to amplify the fuck out of the show and get the word out, so that the people who need to hear about it actually do!


AND I’m here to make its super easy ;)


Everything you need will be on THIS PAGE so bookmark it for easy access.

What do you do?

You share. You track. You win!


And the prizes are sexy AF 💦

Tier 1 - If you leave a review and share once, you’ll receive my 10 date ideas hand book and get automatically entered to win 1 of 10 swag prizes.


Tier 2 - If you leave a review and share twice, you get all the juicy perks of Tier 1 PLUS you’ll get entered to win 1 of 3 Mini Mastermind spots (2 calls in a month, 10 minute hot seat each, and marco polo access).

Tier 3 - If you leave a review and share three magnificent times, you get all the love from Tier 1, all the love from Tier 2 AND you'll be entered to win the Grand Prize - a pass to Quenched!! My 5 month program!!

How do you share?


You can share on Facebook, Instagram, in your stories - whatever feels juiciest for you! Please make sure to tag @andrejabourke on IG or @andreja.bourke on facebook.

We love you & we trust you, so we’d love for you to track your shares yourself! 

Swipe Copy


Babe - I love your creative genius, so feel free to run wild and create your own post! There are even some prompts and images below you can swipe to get inspired and jazz it up! I’ll also have IG stories (@andrejabrouke) that you can share or you can share from my IG posts and add your own thoughts.

1) How has pleasure changed your life?


2) How would the world be better with more pleasure?

3) You’ve experienced amazing transformation in my container(s) - why should people tune in?

4) How has my work supported you in regulating your nervous system?


5) Describe the sensual, erotic, luscious delights of this pod and my work - entice them in baby!





Option 1:


OMMGGGG this podcast is unreal! It immediately transported me to delicious turned on reverence FOR MYSELF - this is exactly  what I didn’t know I needed! Andreja’s voice is so soothing, I will be listening all day long. Do yourself a favor and go check out Pleasure Church!!


Option 2:


Pleasure Church is SO GOOD!! If you want to be soothed, to come into yourself, to just be able to let go and RELAX, this podcast will take you to places you didn’t even know you had available to you. Go add it to your podcast playlist STAT, start your days with them, omg you will thank me!!




Get them here! They’re all in a google drive for you so you can access high quality images. Use one or all of them! Have fun with it!

Important Dates:


Trailer drops APRIL 8th!! 


You will be sharing between April 22nd to May 5th! For those two weeks, listen to the episodes, leave a review and share away! Track your shares during this time using the spreadsheet.


Prizes announced MAY 6th!


Make sure you’ve logged all your shares BEFORE May 6th! And Stay tuned in, we’ll be announcing the winners on this day!

Love you!!! Thank you so much for supporting us and sharing in this exciting new aspect of The Tantra Queen LLC.



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