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Are you beautiful?

‘Do you see yourself as beautiful?’ They asked me.

Yes, I

Do you see yourself as beautiful?

Is your instinct to say no? Does it make you blush?

What comes up for you when I ask that question?

I know I am beautiful.

EWWW - Did that gross you out? Did it turn you off?

That I know & feel that I am beautiful?

Do I need to rationalize to you that I feel this way internally and not just externally?

Why is it seen as odd, when someone claims their own beauty? We all strive for confidence, but seeing yourself as beautiful, amazing or incredibly talented can be perceived as cocky.

Where’s the line?

How are we supposed to culitvate this f+cking self love thing if it’s also seen as a turn off to truly like yourself?

And I think this is where true grounding and authenticity come into play.

When I’m grounded, I know that liking, loving and worshipping myself is exactly the thing to do. When I stand in my truths, hold my boundaries, and show up hard for myself, I’m able to authentically be who I am. And when I’m there, others opinions matter less because mine matters the most.

And yet, it somehow feels like a double bind.

I constantly hear, ‘I want to feel more confident’

How is confidence created?

By liking yourself.

By saying, ‘I am beautiful’ (or whatever word feels good for you)

By choosing your own thoughts about yourself and reprogramming the hurtful ones

By giving yourself love and meeting your own needs (plenty of sleep, yummy + nourishing foods, lots of water, moving the body, etc)

By learning how to have fun with yourself

By leaning in to solitude and investigating aloneness

By putting yourself in healthy situations and removing yourself from toxic ones

Little by little, liking yourself is created, and liking becomes loving and loving becomes worshipping and that becomes…

I am beautiful.

I’m thankful for the multi decade journey I continue to explore and expand all things self love. It’s been a wild ride and I can report, it gets better and better.

Want to explore too? I’m here to share all things self like, self love, self acceptance and major confidence when you’re ready!! FREE CALLS to explore + feel what my coaching magick is like.

Visit here to book a call!!

Your confidence coach,

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