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Have you lost the 'me' in the 'we'

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Do you feel somehow your own personal identity has become lost in the partnership? And you feel starved to get back to who you were? That person you used to know. That individual who had their own interests, hobbies, things to do, people to see, relationships and activities?

There’s a merger that takes place in a partnership

In order to spend more time together, you merge the things you do

It’s practical

And over time, it can lead to what feels like a total identity crisis-

You no longer remember how to do the things that used to bring you joy

And you feel like you’re constantly the one making sacrifices

To be with them and ‘their things’

Eventually this leads you to feeling resentful and put out

And you feel like, ‘who am I anymore?’

You can reclaim your identity in your partnership

You’re more than just a mom and wife

You’re more than just a husband and father

You have a whole life of things that can bring you joy, allow your heart to swell, give you a sense of identification and accomplishment and remind you who you are on a soul level

And it doesn’t have to take you AWAY from your partner

When we take time to ourselves

To cultivate and nourish our individual oneness

It pays FORWARD in our partnership and family dynamics

However, if only one person in the partnership is willing to advocate for themselves in this way - it can feel really unbalanced and can create one partner feeling like all the obligations fall on them.

That they ‘have’ to be the responsible one

They ‘have’ to be the one that does the required sh+t

They ‘can’t’ do what they want, because their partner does

This is what leads to resentment

There’s plenty of time for each person to take for themselves

It just has to be prioritized

And let me tell you, it’s a lot harder to prioritize time for yourself, when there’s a partnership, a home to manage, jobs, kids sometimes etc

It’s a lot easier to b*tch, complain and be miserable.

Let me lead you toward more

Let me support you as your rebalance your imbalances

I’m here to guide you toward harmony, happiness and lots of kissing, foreplay and bomb ass s.ex

It’s literally my job

Ready to call it quits on misery and step into a partnership that feels good AF?


One spot for One couple

Visit here to book a call!!

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